A Different Place in the Heart


Past Loves

As you look through the tress of life, many are different but they all help with shade

As you look through the tress of life, many are different but they all help with shade

When you think about your past and the many people who you have loved you may find that some of them you are still loving and caring for, and some of them are in your past. And this is the balance in your life right now. The middle where you can look back but concentrate on the present.

Some past loves need to stay there, and others should be re-invented. And when you think about past loves do not concentrate only on romantic ones; those true and blue friendships need some care too.

Keep in touch

Try  keeping  in touch in different ways that is comfortable for both of you. It can be a healing experience when you go back to a good place in the heart where things were different for you, yet exciting and worth re-exploring.

Sending a note, holiday card to someone you have not spoken to in a long time may trigger the person to contact you, or go unanswered because the person does not feel the way you do. It is a challenging experience contacting old friends but do expect honesty from the person.


On My Romantic Loves

It is hard to believe that time has passed loving you. I thought you would be around forever

And forever ended quite a long time ago for us

 My love for you has not died it is just in a different place in my heart


I believe that you may have to wait for some good things, but you may  pursue others. Figuring out which ones to go after is a task in life that may be difficult but don’t let that stop you. Challenge yourself to some new things and fail at some.

You know that some past loves  may be out of your reach. You may have tried to attain them but a big stop sign or a large rock in you path may have stopped you.

But for the ones that you can attain; keep on trying because you may be missing out on something special.

On My Friendship loves

Every few years, I reconnect with a special friend. Last time my went out to dinner, talked for hours and when we left it felt really good. And I believe we both knew that it would again be a long time before we re-connected , but it would happen.