Morning and Evening Meditations


Allowing yourself to see your yin and yang: Your energy balance upon rising and resting

When you try to force something in life, it does not seem to work, so if you are trying hard to work at learning how to meditate; slow down and let it happen.

Go with the flow of the 2 sides of your life; balancing yourself for the day

Go with the flow of the 2 sides of your life; balancing yourself for the day


A good way to start learning how to meditate is when you are getting up in the morning.  If you are an early riser as I am, do not get up right away, even if you are fully awake. Take this time to meditate because you are already lying down and comfortable.

Before I arise each day I concentrate on my breath; breathing slowly, a long deep inhale; watching my belly rise and the a longer exhale; watching my belly fall back to the earth.

Getting up ready for the day

Stay with this breath work for about 5 minutes and then stretch out long, arms overhead, and before you get up roll over to your left side; this is your energy side of the body and when you get up on this side you are truly awake for the day.


Sitting and breathing upon rising

After I get up I sit on the side of the bed.

I also concentrate on my rib cage rising with each breath along with feeling the breath into my back which guides me to remember to sit straight.

Sitting very straight when I breathe allows everything in my body to straighten; my head and shoulders are straight and I can feel the breath rising and falling deep down into my back  which curves a bit as the energy of the breath goes deep down to the bottom of my lungs.

Circles of Energy

Energy is circling in every part of your body as you rise; focus you early morning with a glass of water and  a walk before breakfast; feeling the energy flow throughout your body helping you to awaken and enjoy the day.

Planning your Meditations in the evening

If you have trouble with sleep, starting a ritual of calming may be a good step for you. I use eye pillows that have been infused with some lavender; placing them on my closed eyes while I lie down before I go to bed is a great relaxation enhancer for me. There is research on the effectiveness of eye pillows to quiet your mind.

When I get into bed I am aware that lying on my right side can bring even  more  calmness to my entire body.

And if you still cannot sleep after the lavender ritual, give yourself a round of deep breathing in bed with your eyes closed and bring the lavender pillow to bed.

Happy Dreams

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