In my dreams

In my dreams I see people who I haven’t seen in many years


I have a circular lily garden in my yard. It is like a circle of energy for me when I watch it grow

I have a circular lily garden in my yard. It is like a circle of energy for me when I watch it grow



And then I begin to think when I rise that it is time to visit that person.
If your dreams are full of wonderful gatherings with others, then you too should begin to visit  those friends and relatives that you dream about because you never know how long they may be on this earth to have those treasured moments.

It can also be very healing and energizing to keep in touch with others; physically, emotionally and spiritually.



In spirit

And if the person is already gone to heaven, seeing them in dreams is a very positive way for you to grieve the loss and heal. Those wonderful moments in your dreams are very special when you see old friends; cherish the time you have with them.

Healing Moments

I love summertime because it allows me to get outdoors; see, hear and breathe in the wonders of sunshine, soft breezes and warmth.

This is my time to just be soaking in the sunshine and visiting my favorite places. I love to walk to a nearby pond which has many fish who come up to see me as I sit on the bench and meditate.  Walking meditation is my favorite way to meditate because you receive the added benefit of the view.

Find your way through life in a soft way; purposefully slowing down your breathing so that you can start your day in a loving way; calm and centered.

An exercise in softness

Sit on a yoga block or meditation pillow crossed legged; lift your belly and straighten up you back; pulling your shoulders back and allow your head to rise slowly; looking straight ahead allow your body to soften and then place both of your hands on your lap with your palms up and eyes closed  to gather all the positive energy of the moment. Stay in this stillness for a few moments; gathering yourself for the day in softness.

And every time you think about the word softness; sit up straight and then soften yourself.

Finding time each day to take care of yourself and your body, mind and soul is very important to you. You have to take care of yourself before you can move on to help others.