Healing may come slowly but it is there

Flowers can be soothing

Flowers can be soothing

If you feel like healing is a long way off because of a difficulty that feels deeply rooted in your soul, then don’t worry, it will pass. It may pass like a large kidney stone, but the pain will slowly subside with time because time does heal most wounds; not all of them, but most.



Most of the time I can let things go to the wind and manage to put grief aside for the moment, but on those days when I cannot, I look at flowers. They can be outdoor flowers; flowers in my garden or ones that I paint, and they help me to simmer and settle down.


Finding your way through life’s difficulties is unique to you, but you need to develop a way about yourself that brings you to that happy place inside that no one can disturb except on rare occasions.

And if you do not have this happy space in your mind, body and soul, you will not be as well as you can be.


I strive for wellness and know that all of my many beings are connected; when my body feels out of sort such as painful joints; my mind and spirit do not settle down either.

Healing Ways

Connect with all of your spheres of life; know that you need to tap into each one of them to be fully alive. Find time to fill your mind with meaningful things to read, make your body stronger with some walking and biking, and for your soul, help a friend in need because when you help someone else, you are helping yourself.


Literally tap on your body starting at the top of your head; this will open up all the energy centers of your body. And then tap on your face chest and up and down your arms and legs.

When your energy opens up to the earth, you feel grounded and centered; ready to take on your day. And give yourself a foot rub every day; rubbing not only your feet, but your hands and your ears to open up all your centers. You will find that this daily practice gets your body energized and awake.

Healing Ways for relaxing and sleep

And when you want to sleep well, use some aromatherapy such as lavender. Put a lavender eye pillow on your eyes as you lie down on your back and begin counting your breaths to slow them down; placing your hand on your lower belly to keep track of your breathing.

Breathe in for the count of 5 and breathe out for the count of 7 because allowing a longer exhale completes the slowing down of the breath cycle. Breathing in and breathing out becomes slower and slower, until all you think about is your breath; nothing else.