Tiger lillies for mom

I put some flowers on your grave today for your birthday. You always had a beautiful sunny day for your birthday, and today is no exception. It is going to be one of the hottest days of the summer this year, and you enjoyed sunshiny, hot days.

When I breathe in the color orange it energizes my soul

When I breathe in the color orange it energizes my soul


I chose tiger lilies from my garden; 3 of them for each of your children.

Tiger lilies are so strong they grow like weeds. And you too were stronger than anyone I have ever met.

You met challenges on a daily basis gracefully. You honored every breath that you took in life; explaining to me that you will never die. And you are here now to guide me in writing about you and your wonder.



According too many theories on color, the color orange is the color of love and happiness. I believe that is why I chose these beautiful flowers for you.

You brought love and happiness to my childhood, and helped me through many struggles in my life without telling me what to do. You stood by all of your children no matter what the circumstances.

I only hope that I am treasured by my children as much as you are by your family. No unkind words were ever spoken of you. You were like your name; an angel in disguise.  And now you have your wings and can send your energy to everyone who misses you.

Missing you is like a deep hole in my soul. There is a spot down there that is beginning to fill with the energy you send me to keep writing about you and your life. You want everyone to know that you are still here and speak to us in different ways; it may be in the soft breezes that circle around dropping scents of purple, soft lilacs, or just the scattering of leaves in front of my as l walk along my path. And I know it is you, and as I breathe in the warm, fresh air, I think of you every moment of the day.

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