Just a ride in the country

I was riding my bike on a country road and spotted a deer

The deer was prancing and dancing, stopped in a beautiful meadow and took a look at me, surrounded by beautiful green grass.

I thought it was just coincidental until he started to run along the side of me as I road my bike like he was riding along.

It was a moment in time; especially when he stayed along side of me, he did it 3 times, so I had to think he was trying to play with me. the colors and beauty of the deer froze me into the moment. I could not think of anything else for quite some time that day. All I could think was I wish I had my camera because no one will believe this one!

And then I thought I will express myself with this beautiful moment by exploring some painting ( something I have not done in a long time). But ever since the deer, I feel more in touch with nature and the beauty of colors.

Find your way in nature and its beauty

Breathing in some warm and bright colors can help your mood

Breathing in some warm and bright colors can help your mood

Circling around, just like the energy in circles themselves; the deer found that his path was with me for the moment in time.

You too make circles in your life with the energy that you have in your soul. It circles with movements that you make; especially during exercise; even passive exercise such as Tai-chi and yoga where you find you center and balance. And when you meditate; you also find that your energy center can calm you; allowing your breathing to slow down.

Your eyes begin to close; but you are awake, finding your own special brand of harmony inside.

It is like a sweet melody softly tickling you with a feather that caresses your life. And when you finish your practice; the calmness of the moment is yours to keep throughout the day.

Find your peace in life through nature, practicing meditation; breathing in and breathing out wonderful colors.