Love and Hope


When you are angry, sad, upset or frustrated, and you cannot shake it, those emotions cause  difficulty in your mind, body and soul. I know that when I am upset or angry, I eat too much, stay in the negative moment and then I feel bad for quite some time. I might yell at someone, walk around with a frown and think I am the only one who has problems!

And when you begin to see that there are much greater difficulties in the world then your own; you will put a smile on your face and gather some hope and love.

Greens and yellow make you want to sing!

Greens and yellow make you want to sing!


And when I am in a hopeful spirit, things just seem to unfold in a nice way; the day becomes one beautiful moment after another. Hope and optimism can be practiced daily to get you used to this state of mind.


And Love is an emotion that comes from inside, inviting you into its glory.

Love is in your soul, waiting for you to bring it to the surface so that you can be happy and find pleasure in being alive.

Just look at nature and you will begin to see what the love of creation means to you. And then look at small children with their eyes full of fun and sparkle, and begin to think and act as they do; so carefree and loving; always in the moment, never thinking ahead or behind. Children are natural mindful beings.

The wonders of the green of the Earth

Think of each day as a gift that you can share with others. Give the gift of a warm smile to someone you do not know today. Give the gift of a flower to the first child you see today, and give the gift of saying; hello, how are you? to a dear friend you have not spoken to in some time.

These gifts that you give can be a simple way to bring yourself closer to yourself and others.