Moderate Relationships

Leading a moderate life can be enriching

There has been so very much information on how to clean up your act!

Starting with ideas on why you may gather too many thing and then do not know what to do with them.
These de-cluttering folks are so intense that there are television shows talking about this problem. And moderation is something to think about, especially as you age. There is much theory on clearing out things in your life to make it a more peaceful place to be; that includes you mind, body and spirit too, not only your physical environment.

Moderation in relationships

The wonders of a blue sky

The wonders of a blue sky

Relationships should also be considered in this moderation goal.

You may be gathering too many discontentment and disharmony ideas about  loved ones that it can turn into anger and frustration. If your expectations in your relationship are too high, you may want to moderate that too.


Some people believe that they can change other people, and become very disappointed in their relationship when they find out all that they can change is their own being. But the good news with that is: When you change yourself, things become better for you and those around you.



I believe that respect may be the most important ingredient to any relationship.

In the work environment, you demand respect for others. You do not allow people to say bad things  or push us around because you have  the human resource department for complaints.

Starting your own human resource department at home

I suggest that you begin to have your own drop box at home with your complaints written in a soft way as not to startle your partner.

My pet peeve has always been the toilet seat. In the middle of the night, getting up and going to the bathroom may be a problem if you have someone leaving the seat up.

What is your discontentment in your relationship?

Do not let things go too far

Everyone needs respect, and if you do not get it in your present relationship, it may be time to move on.

If your relationship is abusive in some way, moderation will not help. Being kind to someone who does not have it in them to be kind back needs help. You will need professional help in that kind of situation.