After the rain

Did you ever notice that after a rain there is a sweet smell of clean?

Everything is green, and green makes you smile

Everything is green, and green makes you smile

The Earth cleanses itself as we do in different ways. I believe that after some of my relationships ended it took a lot of time to cleanse myself of the negativity and replace it with some positive living, thinking and loving.

It was a long haul, and still, every single time I think about the past, I cannot believe it happened.

I truly believed in happily ever after. And for most part,  when the happy part ends so does the relationship.

Why is it easier to grow plants?

Gardening is not easy. It takes a lot of tending, watering and weeding to create a beautiful garden.
When you grow  things lovingly, the relationship that you create with nature stays loving and in harmony as long as you care for yourself and your plants.

It is like a spiritual awakening where you become one with your plants. They grow, and you reap the benefits of a garden well tended; its beauty is amazing and every day you can sit and breathe in the wonderful colors of nature.

Tending to Relationships

And with relationships, there is much tending to the garden of life; and if you do not cleanse and clear out the bad; the good things will never be because it becomes overgrown with weeds that are very difficult to manage.

A good place to start may be with being kinder than you have been to your partner, even when they are not kind. This is the first step because eventually they will come around to treating you as you treat them.

Happiness helps you to grow strong and centered

Another important step in any relationship is to find a way to be happy!

Your internal bliss circles its energy to others, and rubs off. Find a way to be as happy as possible and things will change for you, and for those around you. The people who begin to circle around you will reap the benefits of your positive energy and love.