Relationship Lesson number one and two!

Number 1: Stop blaming yourself for past mistakes

Number 2: Nothing is a mistake; everything is a lesson


There have been so very many changes in my life that I have a hard time remembering them all.

As time passing me by, I begin to think of some of the changes as lessons not mistakes.

You learn from each mistake (lesson) that you make, and hope you will live a full life full of happiness and love.


Yellow, the color of sunshine

Yellow, the color of sunshine

When you make a mistake, it is like a guide for you so that you do not do it again, and if you do, that is alright too because life is full of mishaps and misunderstandings.


So what if you do not do something exactly right! Does everything in life have to be perfectly done?

Are you looking for the perfect person, or a person who is just like you. with flaws and imperfections?



No one has a perfect relationship no matter what they tell you

They may have a loving relationship that is thriving but it does not mean that there have been no mistakes made.

It all comes down to what you are able to accept in life from another person. Some people are more tolerant of problems; others get out of relationships at the drop of a hat!

Where do you stand?

I stand with imperfection. I do not want a person in my life who thinks they know everything or are smarter than everyone else. I want mistakes made and imperfections to show on the outside; even if it is embarrassing.

I remember embarrassing moments in my life, and I want my partner to tell me about their mishaps!

Putting things away

I do not ponder on mistakes  anymore, even if someone asks me about my past, I do not give detailed answers that stir me up. Things in the past should stay there.

I would much rather think of the past in my child’s mind where I was always up in a tree looking down at the world. I loved climbing and still do. I also road a bike a lot as a child; and still do.

Those good memories stick with you, and guide you through your life

And those bad moments need to stay in the past.

Nothing is a mistake. Every problem that you have gives you a learning experience that pays you forward in some way later on.

Everything in life unfolds as it should, even the problems and mistakes in life become a way to practice life’s lessons.