Full of harmony


The most beautiful flowers have thorns

Flowers can be  beautiful to gaze at, especially in the spring when the flowering trees bloom with their sweet smelling scents.

The flowers that I picked today were soft and white with a yellow center, and their delicate blossoms were falling off so I had to carefully pick them.

And  these flower  had some thorns like a rose, that guarded their preciousness.

I was not surprised by their thorns because later on in the summer, they are the bushes that have dark purple berries that my grandchildren love to pick and eat. Those precious flowers and berries need some protection.

You too may have some thorns from past happenings that guard you from experiencing true happiness and love but you still have time for some happiness and love in your life.

Happiness is your internal bliss. Hope, happiness and harmony go together internally keeping you on the positive side of life, and they are all there for you in different ways, you just have to let your thorns and precious flowers be seen by others.

Being more positive

When you have a negative thought that you need to rid yourself of begin to think of a musical harmony that is soothing to lull you out of the negative moment, or if you are bold; sing and allow your own voice to put a smile on your face.

I love to listen to the birds singing in my yard each morning; their songs are harmonious and loving. They too have internal bliss that keeps them happy and content.


Loving Nature

The sweet Earthy smell of soft white blooms

The sweet Earthy smell of soft white blooms

If you can find a way to be happy, do it right now because you do not want regret later on when you think about how different life could have been if only you were happier.

The two most important things in life are happiness and love.

When you have love around you, there is harmony.

And for happiness, you have to create it. Be creative today and decide promptly that you are going to be happy no matter what.

Of course sad things will happen to you, and you will have to grieve and get through the difficult times, but happiness is like hope, it floats back up to you and tells you it is time to move on.

Try to bring fresh flowers into your home each day, and smell them as you pass them by; this will be your happy moment for the day; reminding you that you are on this Earth for only a short time, so stop and smell the roses.

Like the sweet sounds of a musical melody, you can be happy, hopeful and full of harmony.