Every once in a while I listen to the silence of things. That is why I grow herbs. They silently help me, and along the way I get to enjoy their potent smells and medicinal ways!

Sage helps with so many ailments- even the night sweats of menopause

Sage helps with so many ailments- even the night sweats of menopause

When I was younger I felt like I never had silence in my life. I always had children around me, making noise and chattering! I loved to hear their tiny voices and still enjoy it when I am with my grandchildren.
The difference now is that I also enjoy the silence. Not having to speak early in the day is one of my favorite times.
And in the summertime I can sit on my back porch and just be; watching my herbs and greeting the sunny days.

My favorite is Sage and today I decided to study it. I just love the smell, and I mix it up for an easy salad dressing with olive oil and my other herbs. I also use it as a pesto on my noodle dishes in the summertime.


Easy Sage, Basil and Thyme Recipe

If a food processor or blender place a handful of your favorite herbs. Today I used Sage, Basil and Thyme ( about 4 leaves of each basil and sage, and a small branch of thyme.)

I blended them with 1/2 cup water and 2 teaspoons of lemon juice; after blended I added 1/4 cup Extra Virgin olive oil, blended again, and then added a chopped clove of garlic. It was wonderful on my lunch salad. And what I saved for later will be even better because for some reason after it settles in the refrigerator, it thickens up a bit, and then it is better!

From www.herbwisdom.com/herb-sage.html:

1. Sage tea for fever and found to relieve a nervous tension

2.Sage juice in warm water for hoarseness and coughs

Herbalist also use sage to treat sprains, swelling, ulcers and bleeding

3. The Chinese valued sage for the stomach and nervous system including weakness of digestion in general. Beneficial in liver complaints, kidney troubles, colds in the head as well as sore throat, pain in the joints

And it is well documented that sage can help with menopausal sweats.

And it is thought that Sage is similar to Rosemary in its ability to improve brain function and memory. In a study involving 20 healthy volunteers, Sage oil caused indicated improvements in word recall and speed of attention, and there is continuing investigation  with sage in the search for new drugs to help with Alzheimer’s disease.