Hope Floats Just Like a Boat

When I think of what I am hopeful about I begin to remember how strong hope can be. There have been many studies done on hopeful and optimistic people, and what hope does to you is amazing.

I tend to my garden well, hoping it will be a beautiful one every year

I tend to my garden well, hoping it will be a beautiful one every year

Hope can help you to live longer; in fact hopeful, optimistic people are here on this Earth longer, spreading their joy and love to others.

Float your boat
And when I say that hope floats like a boat; hope stays with you for the long road ahead. The more hopeful you are, the more successful you become.

You are floating on top of the world, passing along this optimistic view of life to others.



Make your life as green as your garden

Green is an amazing color, and in the spring and summer when the Earth is covered with the greens of nature; breathe it in and love the color. Green helps to change your mood; bringing in sunshine even on cloudy days.

In Pauline Wills book entitled: Color Therapy: The Use of Colour for Healing and Health she describes green as neither hot or cold but a powerful balance of harmony and sympathy¬†which can bring about powerful negative and positive energy; bringing about balance to one’s life because you need both to create wholeness.

Color Therapy and Cancer

There continues to be much research on the use of color and plants used to help with cancer tumors. Recently, garlic has been in the news on its power in ridding toxins from the body.

And Barry Lynes in his book The Healing of Cancer  describes the work of green for cancer therapy; he and Dr. William Kelly have shown that green light can destroy cancer cells especially with its complementary color magenta.

Color for healing and Cancer therapy source: Wills, P. (1993). Color Therapy: The Use of Colour for Health and Healing. Element. Rockport, MA.