Hope Helps with Strength

Hope is always there no matter what you say or do; you can bring hope back into your life with just a change of attitude deep inside your spirit. You can be hopeful even when things look bleak; your hope status is up to you.

Everything gets old. Some metals turn to rust and we get rusty too

Everything gets old. Some metals turn to rust and we get rusty too

Hope can bring you back to your  center; balancing out any negativity with some positive and hopeful ideas that can help you with happiness and success.

Creative Moments

My hopeful ideas become creative words that I bring to everyone in my daily writings; pressing on, staying calm and carrying on no matter what.

Reach for hope when you need it because  you  do not have much choice but to carry on, and  you cannot change anything that is already set in stone. Acceptance may be your only hope.


Everything unfolds the way it is supposed to

Let things unfold without struggling all the time because everything plays out the way it is supposed to no matter how much you struggle trying to change it.

You only have control over yourself and cannot change anyone else, because that person has to change themselves.

I spent many years hoping to change someone’s behavior; believing that if I persisted and  struggled, the person would stop drinking. It took me many years to figure out that I could not control anyone’s behavior except for my own, and now I  begin there with my own behaviors that I what or hope to change.

Times that are not ideal help you to grow stronger

Your life will be filled with good and bad times, and no matter what you do everything unfolding the way it is supposed to.

Even metal changes color or turns rusty and can or cannot be cleaned and re-used. You can clean yourself up and become stronger; like a shiny piece of green glass that has been tumbled by waves from the ocean.
When you press on in a hopeful way you survive many tragic happenings; becoming stronger and carrying on.