Being Grateful

One of the hardest concepts to understand and develop in your lifetime is being grateful for your challenging times

Grateful to be able to see the wonders of nature

Grateful to be able to see the wonders of nature

It is easy to be grateful about things that happen to you that bring joy and harmony to your life, but you also have to be grateful for everything that happens to you because every breath that you take in life is to be honored and cherished moment to moment.

Be thankful that you are here today, able to enjoy the wonders of nature, the company of others and take your next breath.

And when there is adversity in your life, and there will be, concentrate on what you know best, yourself.



You know that being thankful is a very important internal quest that must be nourished on a daily basis. Find ways to be thankful by helping others who need a kind word, a gentle pat on the back or just a smile.

And when those angry or down times come into your life, know that they will pass as moments of love and harmony pass through to you.

Gratefulness has many aspects of your life:

Be grateful that you are here on this Earth

Be grateful for the abundance in your life; your family and friends.

Be grateful of all your talents and skills that you can pay forward to others often.

Find time in your life today to thank others for all they have done for you.

And accept the moments that are not so wonderful that may happen in your life today with the grace of a bird soaring in the air softly landing on the ground to take a look at you.


Be grateful for yourself; loving yourself for the goodness and strength that you bring to  yourself and others in your daily life path. You are a kind, loving and giving person.

You deserve the abundance that you have in your life today; working hard to become the person that you are. Love yourself dearly, and others will love you too.

Start a journal today of the goodness that you bring to yourself and others.