When I think of the word dad a smile comes to my face and then I think of how much my dad means to me

Water is calm and sometimes it ripples and dances.Water reflects the beauty inside; heart and soul

Water is calm and sometimes it ripples and dances.Water reflects the beauty inside; heart and soul

And then I take a look at my son who now has a son, and I am in amazement as to how good he is at being a father.

Fathers have special expectations in the family such as being the strong one when there are difficult times ahead.

The other expectations are blurry because as time moves on, dads have taken more of a joint role in the lives of their children.

When I was a child, my mother did the domestic tasks and dad worked. Today, the customary role has changed for the better because father’s have moved up in the role of parent, and this is a good thing; a shared role that helps children grow up balanced and healthy in mind, body and soul.

My dad did play a strong role in the way I feel about life today. He was there; teaching me how to snow and water ski, swim and fish. I even lost his best fishing pole in Lake Erie. It was a warm summer day when I was about 10; we were troll fishing, and a big fish I could not handle took my pole away, I screamed, ” I just could not hang on any longer, the fish was stronger than me.” Dad said, ” Someday you will get so strong that nothing will stop you.” And today, I feel strong and sturdy but probably still could not hold a pole with a large fish on the end!

The Yearly  Tribute to Dad’s Everywhere

Every year on father’s day I thank my dad for the guidance and help along the way through my life.

His favorite thing to do is boating, or just  being near water; whether it is a power boat, cruise ship or row boat, he is there ready to relax and enjoy!

The calmness and serenity of water

Because of you dad, water has always helped me to be calm and centered; able to relax and take on just about anything in life because I know how to be as calm as a smooth wave rolling softly into shore.

Being in a boat is like a rocking chair soothing me to sleep.

Strength and Perseverance

Taking some time to relax

Taking some time to relax


Thank you dad  for helping me to grow strong, especially physically and mentally. Because of you, I think before I act, and I always remember to exercise every day.
I have passed along to my children a sense of strength from you; your guidance during painful times has always been helpful.

Emotions and feelings
I only saw you cry a few times, once at a dear friend’s funeral and when mom passed.

Your strength and stamina are still there for me when I need it; you are just a phone call away to give me advice, listen and comment on how I am doing.




Filling some big shoes
I feel like I have a lot to compete with to fill your shoes. You have so very many accomplishments in life; more than anyone I know.
I believe that you always do things well because you stick to it, and learning perseverance is my top goal in life’s adventures because of you.

I always wanted to do what you did; start my own business and be successful at it.
Well, I have done many creative things, have stood on my own in the business world; not as successful as you were but I still have time to move on it, and you still tell me, ” Persevere and you will get where you want to be.”
What I love about you is your persistence; perseverance is your middle name; and I am living that dream right now with new and exciting challenges.

I know that you probably had times when you needed help, and I hope I was there for you. And today, you still stand strong and caring; able to take care of yourself and others through the years.

I can only hope that I have the strength and stamina that you do as I go through the older years.

And because of you, I will never give up trying.