The Days Past

I was looking at some old pictures and began to think about how old I am right now. It is amazing how fast life passes by, therefore  I am building some new memories this week with a walk down my old path.

Your path through life may bring you right back to where you were, and that is good

Your path through life may bring you right back to where you were, and that is good!

When I was a child, things seemed endless; a long stream of meaningful moments like those hot summer days I remember  where there  was light in the morning at 6 am and the sun did not set until around 9pm. We would build bomb fires on the beach, talk about nothing and do it again the next day!

Every once in awhile I find myself wishing for those days when I was young with no particular place to go or be.

And today I have come back to this endless stream of living. Now that I am retired, I do not have the stress of a full- time job or children to raise, they are all grown and doing well.

Today my time is different and I have those long summer days again; those peaceful days where I can sit on the porch in the morning sipping on some coffee and watching the sun rise, and  I am at peace without those stressful times in life. Life is good for me now.

Restlessness brings back memories

Because of some restlessness, I decided that a trip to my old neighborhood was in order, and it was a good one with a friend; eating lunch at a restaurant near my old home and then walking on the beach looking for blue, pink and green glass that has been worn by Lake Erie.

I collected so much glass as a child that I was able to make an entire tabletop just with colorful beach glass.

I still have the table and every time I want to smile about my childhood, I look at it.  Those simple things in life give us meaning and hope that this second part of our life can have lasting memories that feel good to talk about.

And here I am again, still looking for those perfectly shaped pieces of glass that are smooth enough on the edges to wrap in some wire and make a necklace. I am still doing those crafty things that make me and others smile when they get a necklace or broach as a gift from me.

I thought that I had moved on to a different place in life until I visited my old town. I have a new respect for those of us who have stayed in one town for life. No disrespect to those who chose to move away, but I like it here.

It is a good feeling being close enough to my roots, and able to find a sameness in things.

I know that many people want adventure, but my adventure is going back to see what has and has not changed in life.

Looking back at things and finding myself in the present moment has been a spiritual awakening for me to ponder on.