Aging Circles: Coming back to moments in time

As you age, you begin to have those moments when everything seems to come back to the beginning

Like a steady drum beat, your life passes by; the good and the bad

Like a steady drum beat, your life passes by; the good and the bad

My first clear moment was with a boy named Santo in first grade.

I believe he liked me because he gave me a plastic glass eyeball that was a key chain.

I kept that eye for years and every single time I picked it up I thought of Santo. I was only 6 years old when I reminisce on this memory but it is a strong and colorful one.


I have only a few memories before that one; my papa peeling a banana while I sat on his lap; he was smiling brightly, and I remember his big mustache and kind way of talking to me; it was smooth and soft, and he made me feel safe sitting on his lap.



It always feels good to think of this memory because papa died shortly after, and I never got to know him. I believe I missed a lot not knowing my papa because he was such a kind soul with a wonderful smile and gentle giggle.


Another memory was my nana walking me to school, and this was my last memory of living in the City of Buffalo  near a billboard, and on it was Dwight D. Eisenhower’s picture; a very large balding man who was our 34th President.

I did not know it at the time because the only President I remember was John Kennedy, and I was about 10 when he died tragically; another memory with some tears as I watched the play by play with my mom at my side.

Later on when my papa died nana did not walk me to school anymore because she became blind. I remember thinking that she went blind because she cried so much every night after papa died. To this day, I believe his death broke her heart so badly that she was blinded by tears.

At what age do you  have the clearest memories of life
When I think of my past, I always go back to wanting something out of life that I did not have; more money, a better job, the perfect family like Ozzie and Harriet (and if you remember them or Father Knows Best, you know of the perfect family).

In my present moment: Those Healing Ways

Circles of life. Everything comes back to your center

Circles of life. Everything comes back to your center

And today, all I want to complete myself is to get in touch with my spirit.

I want to be able to go to the happy hunting ground intact with a spiritual enlightenment; knowing that there is something beyond this life because I want more; more time to just be me.

I want to leave things behind that are meaningful to others, and that is why I write.

You may not know what spirituality and enlightenment is right now, but as you age, you will get closer to it.
I was not always in touch with my inner soul, and I struggled for many years with ailments that seemed to stem from constant stressful moments at my job, and my inability to self-sooth or just relax.

I believed back then that there was a goal that I had to accomplish, or a level of success that I wanted. But all of that has no meaning; the only meaning there is in life is helping myself and others along the path of life.

As soon as I retired, there was instant relief and everything in life changed for the better. My health and wellness became balanced and I continue on the road toward those daily challenges that keep me well in mind, body and soul.
And this circle never ends, even when the end may be coming for you, there will always be something to complete; that is the way life is, and you will leave some things for others to do because that will be what completes them.