When you help others, you are helping yourself

Paying attention to every detail of life including watery scenes that bring beauty to your life

Pay attention to every detail of life including watery scenes that bring beauty to your life



You have probably heard help yourself and you help others many times, but it is true and it feels good when you are there for someone else; touching your soul, deep down inside.
You become a better person when you put yourself out there and help others.


Doing what you love can help others

I love taking pictures, and wherever I go I take my camera. In the springtime there is so much wonder, and even the simple things that you think would not make a beautiful picture come alive when you just randomly shoot your camera.

My best images of life seem to be random, but are they?

Something magical happens when you visualize and capture the beauty in nature; its growing, colorful ways are healing to the soul.


Find your special healing ways

Whatever it is that you do that can be of service is what you should be doing often.
When someone tells me that they are bored with life; I ask them to help me.

I have so many things lined up to do that I need help doing everything I want to do!
Before I die, I want to leave a mark on this Earth so that people remember me because I helped them in some way.

Even if it is simple thing like finding beauty in weeds growing in water; it can be helpful for others to notice nature at its best.
Did you know that these many selves in your mind, body and spirit need balance and care?

Learn how to nourish your mind through images of calmness and wellness; feeling yourself well and whole inside and outside of your body.
Learn to balance yourself and then pay it forward to others who may need help with the area of expertise that you have.

Keep on Looking at Life

And if you have not found your special talent, begin to think about where you can grow. Just like weeds in water, you can grow strong and flexible by helping others to find their way through life with harmony and balance.
Find your special talent and pass it along.