Comforting Thoughts

Comforting yourself

My mom always gave me comfort, even when I did not need it; she fussed over all of her children with kind words, deeds and loving ways.

She was always there to offer a hand; whether you wanted it or not. And I try to do the same for my children and grand children. It gives me comfort knowing that I am helpful to my children; offering them advice when they ask, and sometimes when they do not ask; just like mom.

It would be an honor to me if someone said I was just like mom because she was there for her family; even if she was far away, she would call and say, ” Did you forget about me? I am your mother, don’t you know that you are supposed to call me?”

Well, now I am calling you mom; calling you from afar because you are in heaven and I still feel your presence, especially when I see beautiful spring flowers; your favorite time of year.

Pleasant, comforting thoughts

Mom loved growing things, them smell of lavender and rose water

Mom loved growing things, them smell of lavender and rose water


When I want to think pleasantly, I think of something that comforts me. The first thing that always comes to mind is the smell of lavender. Mom loved the scent and the color purple.

Lavender is such a soothing, comforting smell that I keep close by when I have trouble sleeping at night.


More Comforting thoughts
Another thought that truly comforts me is thinking of a dear friend. A close friend of mine has a comforting voice and is always there for me when I need to talk. She listens intently, not interrupting me and then she offers her point of view. I hope that I do the same for her when she needs to lean on me.
What are your comforting thoughts?

Are there things that trigger your senses; reminding you of someone when you smell, see or touch a certain object?
Do you have a special feather pillow that comforts you at night, or a special friend to talk to when you need some kind words?
Jot down some of the things in life that truly comfort you and keep it close by for times of need.

And always know that there are many ways to find soothing moments in your life; the smell of a rose, the sweet smell of the air after a spring shower and the morning dew shining as you gaze down at the grass while you take a walk down your path of life in your own special comforting moments.