Teaching yourself to be in the present

It is difficult to stay in  the moment; not thinking about anything but your present moment in time. But if you want to be free of constant rumination on the past for future, you have to teach yourself how to stay in the present. The present is good; it is never in a hurry; it just is what it is; a clear, unpolished moment in time.

Sitting and Watching

Sitting on a bench near water is a wonderful moment in time. You can see the wonderful colors, you can watch fish jumping out of the lake taking a peek at life without water, you can just watch and breathe in and out; slow deep breaths that tell you this is a good place to be.

Sometimes it is good to sit and just think about the past and future; but the present is always the best place to stay.

Sometimes it is good to sit and just think about the past and future; but the present is always the best place to stay.  There is no parking in the past or future!


Staying in the present is not a bad thing. You begin to love it the longer you are able to do it. It is quite a relief not to have to dwell on those bad moments that come into your mind’s eye constantly telling you that you did something wrong or someone did you wrong!

The Old Slide Projector

All you have to do is slide those memories away  like an old slide projector.

If you are old enough to remember this type of projection, it was a moment in life, just one click after another and the pictures was gone.

Each slide could move quite quickly; a good thing in those days because no one was able to take very good pictures!

We also had the onset of instant pictures which everyone thought was a great thing, but those first cameras did not do well with pictures either. The Polaroid instant picture camera did not last long; the film was expensive and the pictures were horrible. Now you can transfer your pictures in a flash drive on  to your computer, or walk around with them on your phone; how amazing the present is.

And the pictures are as clear as day!

Pictures in your Mind

Pictures in your mind are the same way; they are not  clear or they may be very clear; and if the bad ones are out of focus, that is a good thing.  So let those bad pictures  drift away like a cloud overhead; not reacting sad or happy; just being in the moment.

You can  lie down and visualize those bad memories moving across the sky; slowly but steadily moving past your mind’s eye.

And then you can see clearly, what is right in front of  you, not behind you, and not ahead of you. And the present moment is beautiful; you have the wonders of the world before your eyes.

You can do nothing about past and future; only the present is in your hands.