Components of a healthy you


I believe that when you want to stay healthy you have to work on the many components of you

It is springtime. Find some health and wellness in your mind, body and soul

It is springtime. Find some health and wellness in your mind, body and soul

Strong bodies
Strengthen you body through weight bearing exercise such as walking, some gentle hand weights and biking to strengthen.
Help your body to become more flexible through learning how to stretch effectively; yoga can help with that.

As you age, you need  more strength, flexibility and balance to counter the effects of the aging body.  And you can do it; many older people have become stronger and more flexible with some daily exercise and stress reduction techniques.



There is much evidence on the effects of constant stress on the body. For you body, mind and soul, find some stress reduction activities such as a gentle meditative walk or listening to soft music while laying down or gently sitting in cross-legged pose.

You need to  decrease the stress in your life for a healthier you.
Balancing your life
Stand up on your toes every day, as if you are reaching for something to strengthen you balance. You can also stay up there on your toes for a few seconds to feel your feet stretching; it really helps with balance. You can also learn to walk around on your toes; this balancing technique needs some practicing but before you know it you are dancing like a ballerina.

Stand on one foot and then the other

It does not have to be a yoga pose, just stand on one foot and then the other to see where you are for the day. You can prevent a fall by knowing where you imbalances are for the day!

Move up on your toes and back on your heals about 100 times; this exercise allows you to feel the balance throughout your feet.

Pampering your Feet

Your feet are the most important part of your body; helping you with balance and stability every day therefore you should pamper them with a foot rub daily.

Reflexologist would agree with a good foot rub because they believe that all the organs of your body are connected to your feet. And Eastern philosophy believes in this concept too. They believe that  you should rub not only your feet, but also rub your hands and ears.
Healthy Eating
It is not only all about what you eat, it is about your portions too. You can eat too much of a good thing!
Eat healthy; watching portion size ( I never eat more than a cup of anything). Buy as much organic as you can; a healthier choice in all food.
Always keep fresh fruit and veggies on hand to eat when you want a snack, and keep the junk food out of the house.
Learn how to cook so you don’t have to eat anything processed anymore. Get a good basic cookbook to start you on your way to better health and wellness.