Magical Nature

Waves are magical nature; they come in to greet you

Waves are magical nature; they come in to greet you


The magic of waves

As I child I often sat on the cliff near my home watching the waves roll in and out.

Back then I did not know anything about relaxing or how to stay calm and centered; I just loved watching waves because they made me feel good.

I used to do my homework near the lake and when I was done, I would just sit and watch, not thinking about anything but the waves rolling in and out.

This was my first Just Breathing in and out  lesson and I did not know that I was doing it.


Today, I take a long deep breath every time I need to de-stress and I think of those waves; rolling in and rolling out…


Magical Rainbows

I remember my first rainbow. I was about 10 years old and on my way to Fantasy Island with my Godparents. I did not spend a lot of time with them through the years but it was significant to me because of the amusement park and the rainbow!
Many rainbows have past since that time but that first one remembered is the best because you just cannot forget the beautiful colors all streaming through the sky.
And they are hard to capture with a camera because it does not give any justice to what you are seeing with your eyes alone.

A Spiritual moment in time
Just like the birth of children; you just do not realize how spiritual it is to be there for a birth until you have experienced it.

And best of all, you do not have to be the mother for this spiritual awakening; my best experience was the birth of my granddaughter because I could see, hear, and emotionally feel everything because I was not the one giving birth.

The miracle of birth, the miracle of rainbows and waves are what life is all about.
Find some miracles in your life.