The smell of fresh cut grass

Did you ever notice how fresh grass smells in the summertime?

Maybe it is because a long winter came before this great spring.

You begin to notice the greenness and the smells of spring; the birds singing loudly to the sunshiny days; longer days with more light means that you can get out more and enjoy life.

Green grass, fresh colorful flowers surround us this spring. Take a look around you and breathe in some colors into your life.

Tending to my garden

Tending to my garden

Doing something happy~

Happiness is just a smile away, even when you do not want to smile you should to get the ball rolling in you life.

Be jolly, be full of life, laugh, cry, express your emotions, and then you will feel better inside.

Tend to your spirit

Your spirit needs some tending, and happiness is right there for you if you look and see the messages that are there; messaging you to move out of your comfort zone into some new experiences.

Your spirit leads you to many challenging places that can make your life interesting, peaceful and fun.


I find gardening a pleasure this time of year and if you keep up with the weeding, you will have a wonderful garden. Make you garden your relaxing time to enjoy life.

Enjoyment of life

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and then check them off as you go along.

Another special pleasure of mine is spending time with my children and grandchildren. I saw both of my grandkids today and each one has their own special ways of making me smile.

My grand daughter told me, ” If you really want something, all you have to do is say it over and over again. Today I said I wanted to see my grandma Dora over and over- and now you are here with me.”

My grandson wanted to go outside after school today; standing near the door for a few minutes until I finally let him out. He loves to go into the backyard and watch the birds singing in the trees along with climbing over thick broken trees and sitting on a log. He can be there for hours!

I guess we could do the same thing. If you truly want something to happen for you; try spending some quality time doing what you need to do in order to accomplish your goal. It may seem like too much at first, but you will get what you want and need with some persistent thought!

And keep all of your thoughts on the positive side of life.