One beautiful day after another

I was walking along the bank of a lake a few days ago; it was a beautiful walk alone, hearing the birds sing sweetly and the sun rising gently.

Water moves telling us to take a look at nature

Water moves telling us to take a look at nature

I came to a sandy area where I had been many times before, and I was thinking about the different people I had come here with; there were many including some special friends.

Still Waters

When I reached down to touch the water while squatting on the dock, the water started to wave to me.

It had been very calm so I looked around carefully to see if there were any boats but none were near, it was  too early for the fishermen that I had seen the day before.

I believe that the rolling waves  were a sign telling me that spirit was near in nature; bringing me a blessing of wellness from my mom.

The waves lasted for what seemed to be an eternity; telling me over and over that this was not just a coincidence but a sign for me to treasure. I treasure each moment that I am here on this Earth and I try my best to stay on the sunny side of life.

The waving moment

I will always remember the waving moment  because time stood still long enough for me to take a long look at what I need to do in order to be at peace with life and carry on. Take a walk somewhere beautiful and allow nature to sink inside of you, showing you the way toward wellness in mind, body and spirit. Allow yourself some time each day to just be; breathing in and breathing out joy, love and harmony.


Still waters are like glass; you look at your reflection and see through to the bottom, and when a wave kicks up you are aware that you may have some things to think about that may change your life.