Settle Down

It is time to take you space in the world. The place where it is  all about  you

Purple Spring flowers; such a soothing color to breathe in

Purple Spring flowers; such a soothing color to breathe in

 Harmony can be within reach

Breathe in harmony into your life and breathe out any discontent you have because you need to remember how beautiful every day truly is.

Begin to find places in the world where you fit in. Fit into nature by planting yourself near some beautiful flowers; sitting in the grass near great beauty can put you in touch with your spirit inside. Then you will feel angelic presences all around you, including your own personal Guardian Angel.



Unfolding your world

Each and every day unfolds as it should, and when you push too hard to make thing happen the way you want to, you may find  that the harder you push, the less results you get.

Settling Down

Allow for some settle down time so that you can think clearly about your day. Have a time each day devoted to just you and what you need to do for the day; writing things down that are important, breathing in and out and slowing down your breath.

The older you get, the more you realize that your days are truly numbered, and not knowing the number keeps you on your toes as to what you may be needing to do before your last breath. Here are some tips:
Have goals:
Have mini goals that you know you can attain in a few months; not years.
Do not hold grudges against anyone.

Holding grudges only hurts you; sucking the energy right out of your body, and it is hard to gather it back again.

Anger, rage and bad thinking hold you back from living life fully.

Find ways that settle you down where you can think clearly and let go of any bad feelings and thoughts you may have. This can bring harmony, balance and love into your life.