Your posture and your health

As you age your body may become less flexible if you do not work on it

More and more studies on the effects of such modalities as yoga have come into the light as a way to be more flexible, stronger and more balanced.


If you spent many years not watching your posture; slouching and not being aware of your body, you can have problems that are connected to each other. For example, if you hips are out of line, this can affect your knees, causing some pain and even inflammation if you do not learn how to correct your posture. And your body weight can be directly related to problem knees; losing just a few pounds can help.

Posture and Yoga

The first thing teachers teach  in a yoga class is all about  posture.

Stand up straight in mountain -this was the first thing my yoga teacher taught me; shoulders back, stand up straight and feel the string pulling you up on the top of your head  like you are a puppet. A puppet with a string attached dancing straight!

Posture is one of my dad’s favorite thing to talk about; as a child, he was constantly telling me to stand up straight with my shoulders back- no slouching for you!

And now I am glad I had a father and a yoga teacher reminding me to be in alignment.

Pain and yoga

rise above the clouds and stand strong and stable like tree pose

Rise above the clouds standing strong and stable like tree pose

Many people who have pain should  give yoga some consideration because although it may not totally eliminate your pain, it will help  you learn about how your body moves,  proper alignment and balance.

After just a few classes you will become more aware of your body; how it moves, how to stand tall and how strong you really are.

And add meditation to your practice and you can learn how to focus on your breath instead of any pain or discomfort you may be having.

And the best part is you are wherever you are at in your practice. You do not want to go into a pose full force like you may be doing with other types of exercise. You slowly creep into poses; it is not no pain, no gain. You do not want to feel any pain in your poses, just stretching and increased flexibility.


Yoga will not end your painful joints, but it will help you to stand strong against the pain, balance yourself and be still and in touch with your inner soul.