The many dimensions of wellness

There are many ways to look at wellness in mind, body and spirit, and you may have a special area that you concentrate on daily. But the key to overall wellness may be some moderation in each area of health like the yin and yang balance of life.

The many aspects of health have been described by many an author, and my favorite is The Six Dimensions of Wellness Model.  In this model you look at many aspects of your health including: emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and occupational.

What have you focused on for your wellness and health?

Trees balanced and still

Trees balanced and still


I have to say that I focused too much on my occupational dimension during my career, and it harmed my spirit. Today, I look toward my favorite aspect of wellness; spirituality but maybe I should look at other dimensions for missing pieces too!

For myself, I believe that I should take a deeper look at what may be out of balance in my dimensions and begin to honor some of the things that I am forgetting about.

I have a tendency to go full force; putting all of my efforts into one area. If you have this problems you may want to take it slow with setting new goals that may be too hard to attain, or impossible!


Developing your healing ways

Today I will begin with my social aspect of wellness because I have been hibernating quite a bit for the past few years, only coming out for grand events; socializing with a few people but not the way I used to. This social goal is going to be difficult for me because I truly have to force myself to be a social butterfly! On a positive note, I do help in social ways in the community on wellness; speaking at events and enjoy that aspect of socializing. So I have a start to my goal!  You can do it too; looking below to pick out your new beginning.

What area of health do you want to begin with to help you build a balance in your life?

If you choose:

Emotional: take a look at your acceptance of your present feelings.

Intellectual: Begin to seek creative and innovative ways to stay healthy

Occupational: Your occupation is important but you can also volunteer your time.

Social: Social aspects of your health can include how you can contribute to the community

Spiritual: Putting some meaning into your life

Physical: Not just exercise, take a look at the foods you are eating and make some changes

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