Sadness moves along too


When you feel sad don’t let it consume you, let it move along because everything is just in the moment, even your thoughts, and they can change easily into a better mood with a better attitude. And you have control over how you feel in every given moment in life.

Look closely

Look closely and see the bird flying high above everything


Everything passes in time and if you have the blues right  now, know that it too shall pass on. And if you are happy right now, know that this feeling passes along too.

Savor each moment in time because they all pass; becoming a blur and hopefully your memory will side with the happier moments rather than dwelling on the bad.

Counter your bad thoughts with some good ones
Respond to any negative thoughts with a counter positive response because there is no point in spoiling your day with a down mind.

Find more control in your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and adjust them when you feel you need to because bad thoughts lead to bad feelings and bad behaviors such as anger or sadness.
Lift your spirit high in the sky and look down to what a beautiful place the world is and put yourself into the bird’s view of living.

Fly above it all to the center of yourself. Your center and balance is the place where you are not sad, and not happy; you just are. Not caught up in the moment of living but flying about looking down at what is happening and  just watching.

Birds have a great view on life. They circle, dip down, sail smoothly and circle again; never coming down until they have had enough. Think of your life as a bird’s view where you can choose to just look or you can fly down and get involved.

Sometimes I want to be involved in every moment of living but then I realize that I need to take a look at the greater picture; the one where I am  centered, balanced and watching everything play out the way it should.