Feeling sorry; but then there is hope

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and then I remember that there are good times to focus on through the years.

And I  remember a poem by Emily Dickinson, the first verse is my favorite-


Hope is the thing with feathers-

That perches in the soul-

And sings the tune without the words-

And never stops at all

Source- the Poems of Emily Dickinson. Edited by R.W. Franklin. ( Harvard University Press, 1999)

Simple treasures in life

The simple, painless things like the smell of beautiful flowers in the springtime as you walk through life is what life is all about.

Lilacs with their sweet dewy smell covering this fence

Lilacs with their sweet dewy smell covering this fence

My mom had 2 lilac bushes behind her window and I loved to pick them in the spring and bring them into the house. The fresh smell of lilacs filled our home, and the beauty of just looking at them was amazing. If I focus for a few moments I can smell lilacs; one of my favorite flowers.


Every time I think of mom I think of those lilac trees. They bloomed every year but did not make it through their move to a different spot when dad remodeled. I felt sad, and I know mom did too, they were beautiful, full of life.


I found out today while reading about lilacs that if you want beautiful bright  lilac flowers every year you have to prune them right after they bloom because the blooms next year have to be on thick branches to be colorful and sturdy. Lilacs are heavy, requiring some strong branches.

In life, we too have to take a look at making changes so  that we are study and colorful!

Sometimes you may not make it through transplantation.

When things change for you, even if it is a welcome change, you may not be the same. Look closely at the things that you do and say, and find ways to not drown in self-pity when things do not go the way you want them to.


Looking at the beauty of lilacs close up

Looking at the beauty of lilacs close up

Everything in life unfolds as it should.

Every moment is as it should be. Even when bad things happen, and they will; begin to think of each as a learning experience about life.

Remember all the good things that have happened that out-weigh the bad things in life.

Finding your Way with your shoulders back and head up; strong and centered

You will find your place in life’s road, and you will find ways to help others even when they might say they do not need any help; you will be there to comfort, love and create goodness.

And when you smell the lilacs, you will remember good things in life; the scent of nature in its loveliness.