Memories that Change


Your mind keeps memories sacredly tucked away, and for some memories, that is a blessing


There are different parts in your brain for the good, bad and ugly things in life. Some great memories are as clear as the moment they happened, and very accurate; other memories may be unclear because you really do not want to remember them; they are usually the bad ones.

I would like to believe that wherever I am down the path of life; life is good

I would like to believe that wherever I am down the path of life; life is good

And then there are the mucky ones; these are the memories that grow into different things completely; you change them on a daily basis to fit your needs; sort of like changing your mood from a bad one to a good mood. Emotional memories that bring about sadness, happiness, elation or even a smile are the ones that can change a lot.

Lost Memories can be found
An example is a lost love memory.

You may have had hard times with someone, got divorced or just went your separate ways, and then the memories in your mind change.

At first you may only remember the bad memories and then all of a sudden some of the good ones start to pop into your head when you are triggered by something such as  seeing an object that person had given to you as a gift that you had long forgotten.

I have a chair that someone had given me as a birthday gift and I cannot remember the year but I remember being in the antique store somewhere in the Southern part of New York. How I loved that piece; a colorful tapestry rocker. And last week I decided it was so special that I needed to pass it along to my daughter and then to my granddaughter when she turns 30. I may be here only in spirit when the gift gets passed along, but I wanted to be the one to make sure that this special gift gets re-gifted in a special way.

On getting older

As you get older, you may want to preserve some of the good things about your past; take a look back and see what you can pass along. It does not have to be a material thing; passing along some good advice is also a sound gift.

Whatever it is, it is a good thing to re-capture some good out of some bad times. And this re-capturing seems to grow stronger as you move toward  spiritual living.  If you believe in a life after death, you may want to get your spiritual inner being ready for the journey!

The Good in everything: Even a not so pretty picture of a street with no end can be a good vision!
I would like to believe it is the fact that there is good in everything that happens to you, even in the worse of times. My past relationships were not as good as I wanted them to be, and because of that, they ended. I kept on looking for something better in life, and finally in my 50’s I found that you are the controller of how you feel, and you can make almost every situation in life a better one if you try.

Healing those bad feelings

If you still find it hard to find some good in some of the bad things that have happened to you; keep walking down that road and find the place in your head where everything is in place.

Life is like a puzzle with many pieces that fall out of place sometimes, and it may take some time to put the puzzle together, especially if it is a difficult one. My mom loved puzzles; she kept them out on a card table for months putting them together, and when she was done, she immediately started another. I asked her, ” Why don’t you take a break from puzzles?” and mom said, ” You have to keep your mind fresh with new thoughts to get your through the day.”

When you reminisce on the past, change your thought process to a different way of seeing things; just like the puzzle or a  long road without an end,  life can have unusual twists and turns right ahead where you can change your mind about anything.