Food as Medicine

There are so many different kinds of food that are therapeutic to the body, can help you keep fit and trim and are just great for you.

Keeping your full: Resistive Starches
Number one on the list are beans. Packed with fiber they help with keeping your full and satisfied. You don’t even have to eat a lot of beans; each half a cup has about 7 grams of fiber.

The most potent type of resistive starches also include whole grains, potatoes, bananas and legumes ( split peas and lentils).

The ultimate fill me up legumes- split peas and lentils!

Fill up your belly with legumes

Your health and Resistive starches

The reason that they are resistive starches is because they escape digestion and enter the large intestine intact.

These undigested starches move into the colon and not only make you feel full, they also play a role in healthy digestion. Because they are resistive they form bacterial fermentation.

Resistive starches play a role in the prevention of such diseases as ulcerative colitis and even colon cancer. The reason is that these starches produce short-chain fatty acids such as butyric acid, the preferred energy source of the cells lining the colon, therefore when butyric acid is not available diseases such as ulcerative colitis and colon cancer are more likely to occur.

So eat your bananas, legumes, whole grains, and potatoes!

Other foods that can be prescriptive include fruit

When you cut down on your sugar and replace it with natural sugars, your body thanks you.

Begin to use more fresh fruits such as berries and bananas and no- sugar added applesauce on your pancakes.

Drink more water, low fat or skim milk, coconut or almond milk, yogurt with no added sugar, and when you bake use purees as sweeteners, agave, or stevia rather than sugar.

Alkalinity of Food

Consuming more foods with a alkaline pH is important to your gastric health and wellness, and there are many studies on the health effects of a more alkaline diet, especially for people who have difficulties with kidney stones.

Here are some examples of what to eat in a Alkaline Diet:

Neutral pH

tap water, most spring water


Wheat grass, sprouts, watercress, pumpkin, lettuce, kale, garlic, onion, green beans, spinach, cucumber, collard greens, chard greens, mustard greens, beet greens, alfalfa, celery, peppers, broccoli, cabbage,apples, almonds, tomatoes, grapefruit, corn, mushrooms, strawberries, bananas, cherries, soybeans


Processed foods, beer, wine,  carbonated beverages, energy drinks, black tea,  popcorn, cream cheese, buttermilk, prunes, pastries, white pasta, pickles, chocolate, roasted nuts, vinegar, artificial sugars, beef, pork, white bread, distilled water, coffee,

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pH of foods: