Listening to your soul


Listen to yourself and trust your instincts

All the wishing and hoping will not make things happen; you have to start doing

All the wishing and hoping will not make things happen; you have to start doing

It is about time that you stop listening to what others tell  you to do, and do what you want and need for yourself.


It is time to come to a point in your life where you begin to listen to what your inner soul is telling you to do. Your internal crossroad where the easier road may not be the one to take anymore.

A time when it just does not matter what others think, or who you may want to impress. You are the one that has to face yourself; others do not care what you do or think; they just talk at you, telling you what they think.

It is time to be with yourself and allow your soul to speak.

Mom  always said, ” go with your heart  and do the things that you want and need to do; this will  make your life complete.” And she was the only person in my life who did not tell me what to do.

Time is Passing you by

Do not wait too long to begin a new path in life. Start today by writing some things down that you feel you may have missed in life. Put that list somewhere near to look at every day, or carry it around with you to check off these important goals.

Find your puzzle in life, and put your pieces back together whether it is a renewal of a relationship, or learning a new skill that you always  wanted to learn, do it; and do it with a passion.

It is not too late to become better at something that you already do; a better parent or grandparent; a better lover; a better friend.

Do not  let time pass you by because you do not want to have any regrets.