Taking yourself back

If you feel lost and out of control it may be time to take yourself back

I take myself back to my childhood with biking. It is a wonderful way to de-stress

I take myself back to my childhood with biking. It is a wonderful way to de-stress

Dig down inside of yourself where there is kindness, love and caring, and begin to remember a time in your life when you were as shiny as a new penny.

Maybe it is the time when you were a  young child, looking for ways to learn about life. I found life in nature back then, and I am doing it again today. There is so much beauty in a bike ride anywhere!

Go back to a time when nothing seemed to go wrong and everything that you did fell into place. And when you made mistakes or told white lies, you got punished or grounded, and that was that.

Today while taking a walk I saw a father reprimanding his daughter on a white lie. It seemed almost silly to me until I saw the girls eyes fill with tears. Then I remembered back when I was young; maybe it was not always great, but it was simple with good and bad times, and people forgave each other. In adulthood many people hold onto grudges and anger.

Take yourself back by giving up any anger that you have right now.

Your Happy Place
Find your happy place and if you already know where it is; keep it simple, and keep on doing it.

The Shiny Penny
From this day forward you will shine again. Begin with a smile; do it, force it; whatever it is that you have to do to make yourself happy and content; do it.

Even if it is something that others will not agree with.
Do something right now; make it the most challenging thing you have ever done, and do it before you think that it is too late for you.

It is never too late to make the changes that you need to shine again.
People will begin to see the difference in you right away.
They will see the new, stronger, more confident you.

When you do all of these new, shiny things; then you will begin to heal in mind, body and spirit.