What does it take to be where you want to be?

What is your definition of success? 

Mine is being able to do whatever I want to do without having to worry about money!

No matter how successful I have been in the past, it is not about that now; today is about right now, and success for me is finding that great spot in this world to just be; breathing in and breathing out peace and harmony; no stress, no heartache, just being still and silent.

Special Places

Here is my special place; riding my bike with the blue sky, warmth of greens and yellow flowers, white budding lavender smelling trees and special people everywhere to share moments that will never be forgotten.



Success for me is finding the perfect spot to just gaze

Success for me is finding the perfect spot to just gaze

A Dose of Both Success and Failure: A Balanced Way

Have you had successes and failures in equal amounts, or does your pendulum swing toward success?
I believe that you are as successful as you want to be, and it takes a lot of work.
Those with stick-to-it-ness seem to be the lucky ones when success rolls in.
And if you are ready, you may get to where you want to be if you hold out long enough, challenge and guide yourself plus take advice from others. Other ingredients include luck,  and if  you have a little luck along with a positive attitude, success can be yours!

Luck can be a great ingredient because many have said that lucky people make their luck by putting in all the ingredients needed for success. It is just like a recipe; if you do not have all of the ingredients the recipe does not turn out the way you planned.



Readiness for Success

Always be ready for the next challenge in life. Forge ahead even if you are not sure where you are going because the end results may be just what you are hoping for.


And it does not hurt to be hopeful about your adventures in life. Hope is an essential ingredient of all successful people. They strived for a highest level they can attain through stick-to -it ness, hope, a positive attitude and helpful people around them to cheer them on!


Make your next adventure a successful one by using all of your resources and luck!