Dear Mom

Dear mom, it is mother’s day and you are somewhere in spirit watching over everyone; waiting for the right time to let us know you are still here.

Mom loved looking at and smelling flowering flowers. She brought them indoors for everyone

Mom loved looking at and smelling  flowers. She brought them indoors for everyone’s pleasure

And today, mother’s day has past  and I  miss you terribly, wondering why you had to leave us.

Before you left your memory  became difficult for you, and it seems like many years since you were well, but you were still there when I came to see you.

It must feel better now that you can remember everything again because in heaven there is peace and harmony without pain and suffering.

You are still here with me

I feel you, and I know when you are around me; giving me strength and hope down life’s trail.


Wanting to hold onto things strongly but knowing that I cannot anymore than you can because hanging on too tightly does not make things last longer.

I know you are in a better place now where you do not forget anymore moments in life, and that makes you feel good. And everything in heaven is wonderful; beautiful colors, loving people and no worries.

Keeping me Well

What keeps me well is  knowing that someday I will be with you.

I hope my children get to spend as many years as I had with you. They were all good years; I never remember being angry with you; you were always so very kind. You had a sadness about you that you did not speak of often and you said that it was in the past, and past things are not for anyone to focus on.

All my memories center on your good  advice to me, and how much you wanted me to be happy.

When I was young, you were the person who would always tell me the truth. When I was middle aged, you were the one that told me I had to accept things as they played out.

And now that I am older, you were the one that told me that I am doing good for others, and that I should keep it up until it is my time to pass along into spirit.

Life has many different paths, and the walk along the path with you has helped me to grow strong and healthy.