Seeing Further

Dig deep down inside of yourself to that place you never go to

Like a tree, you may be rough on the outside, but tender inside; filled with emotions that you choose not to touch; tucked away for another time.

But now is the time for self-discovery; the place where you can begin anew.

Deep inside of a living tree is life

Deep inside of a living tree is life


It is there, not on the surface of your being; deep down where you know who you really are.
You need to find that place; where all emotions settle down deep inside; sadness, anger, love and hate are all there for you to explore when you are ready.

Sometimes you may think that you can just hide by pretending you do not have any of those bad feelings, but they are still there where no one but you can find, feel or even touch.


Balancing Life

For a balance in life, you need to have both love and hate, good and bad, kindness and apathy. These examples are what you encounter every single day of your life so you cannot just put them aside without knowing how to be kind to yourself. People around you will always be there making you feel sad or angry.  But no one but yourself can make you feel anything; you are the only person who can change your feelings from a bad to good feeling, and it takes work.

It is a good thing to have many emotions; they are like guides toward your true spirituality and can help you to grow.

I grow each day by digging my garden of life

I want to grow and be better inside so I dig deep down to find some of those meaningful feelings that help me to be a better person.

I know that I have some bad feelings about some things that have happened to me along with some bad feelings about some people that I feel have done me wrong but that is just the way it is, and when I begin to accept it, things are better in my life.

Bandaged Feelings

When you continue down the path of life those bandaged feelings will help you. Do not feel bad about having feelings that are uncomfortable; we all have them; even children in their naïve ways have deep rooted feelings that come out quite frequently in words that no one wants to hear, or may even be funny because the words are so very truthful.

Express those hard to find feelings that are deep down inside of you because like a tree with its thick outer bark, you need to find your internal spirit that expresses the deeper thoughts inside.

Be prepared for this journey and begin to dig further; understanding yourself better so you can find the reasons that your feel the way you do, and then you may be able to express those thoughts you keep hidden inside.