Therapeutic Movements

When I think of movement, I think of running, jumping or walking but slow, therapeutic movements are something that can be healing. And you do not have to be an expert; you can even make up your own movements that can guide you toward health and wellness; spiritual movement that are slow and purposeful. Eastern philosophy seems to have many modalities that heal the body; acupressure points and tapping, Qigong and Tai Chi just to name a few.

Walking slowly down the path near my home can be therapeutic to my mind, body and soul

Walking slowly down the path near my home can be therapeutic to my mind, body and soul

Rubbing and Tapping

Easterners  believe in rubbing the feet, hands and ears as ways to move energy throughout the body. During my yoga classes, I teach this type of energy release along with acupressure points and tapping on various parts of the body such as the top of the head, between the nose, the cheekbones, temples and all the way down the body.
I speak on yoga quite frequently but there are other modalities that can be helpful in a quest toward wellness.


Another modality is  Qigong, a healing energy Qi that helps keep you centered and focused with your breath and energy centers like yoga.

Qigong  like Yoga and Reiki centers on learning stillness, slowing the breath, restoring health, and promoting well-being.

Stuck energy centers

Practitioners of Qigong feel that you may have stuck energy in the body that needs to be released and then healing can occur. Michael Tse in his book Qigong for Health and Vitality speaks on the energy release from simple exercises that generate internal energy.

By practicing Qigong you are allowing your Qi (energy) to strengthen your internal being, promoting stillness and harmony in mind, body and soul. When you develop your Qi through Qigong, your body becomes balanced; bringing your body to a point between consciousness and unconsciousness, where you are neither awake or asleep. With the movement; your whole body comes to a balanced state and relaxes. This is where you can begin to forget about everything and just be.

Your body becomes quiet and you do not notice your breathing. Doing Qigong exercises can optimize the power of your brain and improve your memory. And when you begin a practice of Qigong your become calm, relaxed and open due to the energy releasing Qi.

Stuck Energy Center thoughts from- Tse, M. ( 1996) Qigong for health and vitality.  New York, NY.St. Martin’s Griffin