You are Still There

You can run away from things but deep inside you are still there

And if any emotion overcomes you because you allow it to, you are there, on your own; helping yourself, or not helping. Emotions can be wonderful; they show people how much you care, but difficult emotions such as sadness or anger can stay with you too long and you may need to take a deeper look at yourself; centering on the positive whenever you can. There is much positive to look at in the world, and angry words, feelings or thoughts need to be put aside.


Staying in the center is where I want to be. No matter what happens, I want to be alright; not overly happy or sad. It seems like a reasonable request of my internal being because I have been around for many years, and I know that being on either side is overwhelming, even if it is happiness. There has to be a break in the stream of any type of emotion, whether it is good or bad.


You can try to hide behind some things in life, but you are still there

You can try to hide behind some things in life, but you are still there

It does not really matter where you physically; you can run away from things, but there you are inside.

In your big bag is you

You are there in mind, body and spirit even when you are trying to move away from some things that may be bothering you. Those bad thoughts do not go away left untended or ignored ; (out of sight is not always out of mind.)

You carry everything with you like a big  blue, yellow and green  tapestry bag filled with the good, bad, and ugly things;even if you think that you have put them in the past.
You may need to resolve some of your issues that are of concern, because tucking them away, even if you do it neatly, does not work; it is still there unsolved, unresolved, waiting for you.
Your spirit may tell you to wake up and look at yourself. Your mind may do the same with some emotional outbursts that you may not like, or the inability to feel the pain.
Talking to others may help, even a good counselor can help, but you need to do the work.

You cannot keep going on just hiding from whatever it is that makes you feel too sad to even express.

My Hidden Thoughts

For many years I was  good at hiding from bad things; people thought that I was doing well; they did not know about my true feelings because I did not speak; believing that eventually things would resolve unattended.

What happened is what happens to any untended garden; it overgrows, looks terrible and then there is so much work to do on it that you may not  know where to begin, so you give up and plow it over.

In life, I cannot plow anything over; but I am beginning to see that many things just don’t matter; and with that said, I need to do the hard work of bringing things into harmony for me because I only have one life and I want the rest of it to be as happy as possible.