Striving for tolerance

I want to believe that I am a tolerant person, and then something strikes me hard and I lose it for everything in my life. I want to develop healing ways to help me become more tolerant but it is a struggle when you see things in life that you want to change. You have to remember to pick your battles in life because you cannot change anything but yourself and your attitude about life.

Why can't we be more like nature; still and quiet

Why can’t we be more like nature; still and quiet?


And even with many difficulties in life, I get right back up there and truly believe that the next hard to handle thing that comes in my life will be the one that I handle with the grace of a single red rose.

If you are like me, you may have to develop your tolerance for things, and it is definitely a skill that you can develop. I have found that the first step toward becoming more resilient is knowing that you have to keep quiet and listen to what is going on. It is like a step back; seeing things as an outsider, listening to it but not commenting on where you feel you are on the topic.


Developing good listening skills is a great first step toward striving for tolerance because when you listen carefully to what people are telling you, you may be able to adjust your tolerance level.  Tolerance has a meter; some things you may have a greater tolerance for than others and I believe it is based upon your attitude about the topic being considered.

It is easier to be tolerant of others if we listen to their story

Everyone has a story to tell, even nature has its quiet delicate story blended with its rough storms. The yin and yang of weather patterns can really be dramatic; one moment it is calm, quiet nature and the next, winds howling at 60 miles per hour or snow falling at 3 inches an hour.

And you can be just like nature in your quest toward tolerance. It is a skill if well developed can help you get in touch with your spirit; knowing that things in life need some adjustments while others are better left on their own.