Sometimes things just happen

Sometimes things happens that knocks the wind out of you

Trees contrast the background with bright greens and yellows

Trees contrast the background with bright greens and yellows

And you learn through whatever comes your way and these experiences tell you that there will always be times in your life when you are absolutely unable to control what is happening.
So settle down and just be, because this too shall pass. Just like everything; the good, bad and ugly of things all pass on and become the past. The only thing you can count on is your present; right now what is happening to you.




Present in your moment
And if you can learn how to stay in the present moment, when the bad things have passed, you do not have to focus on them ever again.
Do not look to the past or the future. Stay with the here and now of things, and you will feel better. This moment is as it should be, even if it is a bad moment.

Moving on

In relationships there are moments of good, bad and ugly. Begin to feel in touch of all of these emotions because they help you get back to where you should be; living well because there is so much beauty in the world. And when you work on what is presently going on in your relationships, they too become better ones. The past is the past, and the future is not for anyone to know; but the here is right in front of you.

Staying Well in mind, body and soul

Settle down in life; begin a new way of looking at things. Express yourself through kind words and keep yourself balanced; not too sad, not too happy; be in the middle in mind, body and soul.

Stay calm with color. Calm down through meditation, prayer or with color visions of soft purple shades.

When you need an uplift, lighten up with some yellows and oranges.

And when you feel physically down;  exercise, eat well; nourish your body with good foods such as fruits and veggies; they help you to stay well.

And do not forget to nourish your spirit. Rise each morning and thank that spirit inside of you who wants you to always be a wonderful, caring and beautiful  person.