Stop Stealing Energy from Yourself

Every single time that you do something that is stressful or agonizing, think about how it is stealing from yourself.

Stealing takes away your energy and you may be unable to focus on anything because you have given your peace away.

Yoga Helps
In yoga, the practice of helping yourself before you can help others is very clearly stated in Alice Christensen’s book, Yoga of the Heart. You have to make your life full and whole before you can help others do the same. It is springtime, and you may need to clear out some of the things in life that are stealing from you. Many people keep things they do not need and if you have a lot of extra things, find ways to give them away or throw them out if they are of no use to anyone.

Stealing from yourself can manifest in many ways such as not being able to concentrate because your internal robbers such as your worry center may take over your inner being. You may have to find ways to honor yourself with quiet, loving activities that do not steal from you, but add to your life. Gardening is an example. Look at what can be done when you tend to your garden well.


A true gardener has much preserved energy to make her garden wonderful

A true gardener has much preserved energy to make her garden wonderful

Watch yourself and guide your internal spirit toward preserving energy that can be used in activities that make you smile.

It will be time soon to get your flowers blooming, and garden activities can mellow your soul.






Your Spirit

Take time today to visit your spirit inside of you, the one who sends you messages telling you how important it is to take care of yourself.  Choose a color today that makes your smile. When I want to feel good, I bring yellow and pinks into my life and take a walk, listening to nature at its best. Yellow is  the color of sunshine, bringing you positive rays of energy.



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