Accept The Truth

The older I get, the more truthful I become about everything in life that has happened to me

Peeks of greens and red buds and singing birds

Peeks of greens and red buds and singing birds


I realize that my truth may be different than how others interpret their own truth on topics that may be shared, but the truth will set you free, unlike lying about situations to make you feel better about them.

To be completely honest with myself, there are some times in my life when I did not do the right thing, or I struggled too long in a bad relationship.

Sometimes I think back to when I was very young in my twenties, not really knowing enough about anything to decide which way to turn, and feeling alone, unable to make rational decisions about important things.

When I look back now; If I could change anything I would change how truthful I was to my children about leaving my husband.

They needed to know more that I explained, and now they still ask questions and I  explain in more detail than I used to, and this  helps them understand some of the steps I took that they may not know about. Those moments were important but I thought my children may have been too young to understand. And when a marriage breaks up, no one wins, there is just pain and lost love.

And the second time around ( I have 2 breakups) I was more truthful to my children but it was different.

I was older and wiser, and they were too, and my children knew the circumstances and felt bad for me and still don’t speak much on the topic because it brings up memories that no one wants to deal with; truthful memories can be very painful.

Making Amends

If you have done some not so perfect things in your life, it may be time to explain the truth or to apologize to set things right so that you can really feel better about yourself, and have better present day moments.

Or maybe you cannot come out of your shell to face that person, looking them in the eye and admitting your wrong doings because you are too proud to admit you did anything hurtful, and you believe it so strongly that your mind believes your lies too because it is too painful to admit you caused that  much pain to others. But  if you do not make your amends, healing can never take place.

 In Karmic Law Everything comes back to you

With the circle of life as it is, you will probably be the one on the receiving end of an un-truth someday, therefore everyone knows how painful lies can be; and that may be the time when you decide to apologize for your wrong doings. When you hurt so bad inside because someone made you feel so very bad that you cannot forget, forgive or move on.

Time Passes by
As time passes by, begin to accept your truths, and things that still trouble you; trying not to focus on the pain someone may have caused you.
In the end it will not matter if you were right or wrong; the only truth that really matters is the one where you are looked upon as a good person who has helped many grow stronger and wiser.