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Spring is a time for making changes in your life

Spring is a time for making changes in your life

You tell me that you already know all about this, but I am going to tell you anyway!

If you do not take care of yourself, eventually bad things come from it.

People who do not take care of themselves lose something in their mind, body and soul.

Too much alcohol can not only make you feel bad the next day. it can also put unneeded stress on your liver, causing difficulties later in life.


Too much smoking causes problems with your breathing; and later on your lungs, mouth and esophagus do not work well.
Too much food is also something to look at because obesity causes many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and early death due to fat that centers around the heart.
But it is not too late!
Begin anew!
Start to give your body the shakedown and change your evil ways! You can do it, little my little; and change can be powerful.

Change takes time

It took you many years to get out of shape therefore it will take many years to get healthy again. And you need to look at your entire self; all aspects of your mind, body and soul to be successful at lifestyle changes.

For example: If you have a stressful job this can cause you to do some stress eating; mindless eating that you do not even realize. Or if you are always rushing here and there; you may eat standing up, in your car or while you are reading something.


Develop your mindful eating ways by putting down your fork between bites and chewing slowly each small bite of food. Presentation is also important to mindfulness; colorful small plates, candle lite dinners are always more inviting and can help you to linger a little longer at the table.

Plant Based Dieting

I truly believe that what has helped me the most through all of my past indulgences is what I eat.

I do not want to talk anyone into becoming a vegetarian or vegan, but changing your diet to a more plant based one can really help with your health. There is much research in the past few years on how diet is the most important aspect of a healthy person.

There is even more bad news on the effects of sugar. Sugar, like meat products such as red meat, cause inflammation in the body and may contribute to painful joints and pain in general. So if you have pain or inflammation; give a plant based, no sugar diet a try.