Healing Thoughts

What are your healing thoughts?

Sometimes all I have to do is look at nature;even in its dullness on a rainy day, there is beauty poking through; some green in a mound of browns and dark colors. But it is still a beautiful world out there even when things are still gray and brown, you can see the greens poking though. Just like life, you can still see the good in the bad times, because everything passes along.


You have to imagine it; imagine the way things are supposed to be for you with beauty and color in your eyes.

And if you do not see it directly, you can still imagine, feel it and touch the goodness of nature and the goodness of your life.

Developing your own way of coming to a pleasant moment anytime you need to.


What do you think about when you really want to feel good?

Maybe a list of healing thoughts is in order. I write everything down ( especially since I past my 50th year!). And writing things down gives you ideas for later. Some great ideas have come from my little pieces of paper with a few scribbles!


Sometimes all you have to do is look

Sometimes all you have to do is look

In my mind I want to believe that I have healing thoughts all of the time. How can you possibly heal your bad thoughts?
Wishful thinking will not help, but being more positive and active about your path will help.
Positive thoughts equal positive feelings and behaviors.
But what about healing?
When those negative entities come up into your mind, what do you do?

I plan a time each day where I am alone with myself. No talking, just being; no phone calls, TV or music, just being. And sometimes it is an active plan where I walk meditatively and just be; dismissing the thoughts one after another that come into my head.



This non-action  helps me to regroup and develop my healing thoughts, feelings and actions.


Remember that you are not perfect, and you will not immediately have wonderful thoughts; you have to work at it and give yourself time each day to soak in nature at its best, power walk to move the energy in your body, and then find some silence to soothe you.