Creative Times

What is your creative time?

Do you do something that no one else does?

How do you develop your creativity?

There are many theories on why some people are more creative than others along with theories on talent. But the good news is that you can develop your skills with practice. Think of something that you really want to get good at ( you need to have a passion for it) and then try it out on yourself.

Taking pictures can be a creative event that anyone can get good at. You may not become a photographer but who knows what is in store for you

Taking pictures can be a creative event that anyone can get good at. You may not become a photographer but who knows what is in store for you



I would like to believe that I am as creative as I want to be in every aspect of my life. As a child, young adult, grown up- and now older person, I have had many creative moments that I would love to share.

Begin your creative moment  with a thought!
All you have to do is pick a word; any word that sparks your interest. It is probably obvious to you right now that I have chosen the word creative!

What does creative mean to you?
Creative means you are doing something unique. It has the edge of being something different; it may be different enough that others are looking at it wondering how you thought it up.
Or it may be just an improvement on an old thing that makes it better.


I have always wanted to improve on cars, but I would not know where to begin. They are much better today,  some can run on electricity or even corn; who would have guessed that could happen but those electric cars are not perfected yet, and creative people continue on their quest for the perfect car.

Or how about wind energy. Wouldn’t it be great if we did not have to depend on smelly oil. And windmills have been around for a long time without them being perfected into something that could serve our world, or solar power; that one still is not perfect either.
So where are the inventors that are moving toward this perfection?

What is your creative edge?
The closest thing that I do to being creative is teaching yoga and write!

And you may not think yoga fits into this conversation but I do, because yoga teaches you how to take better care of your body, mind and soul; something a lot of people do not take care of. And through my creative moves I continue to teach a different type of yoga that is slower than most people teach and my followers are many! With the slowness of my yoga poses, people are able to untangle some of their old injuries. It is a great yoga for older adults, but I also have many younger people who come in too with injuries suffered during days of too much exercise such as lifting too much weight. They struggle in my class at first but if they stay in the class long enough, they thank me.

So put on your creative cap and begin a new or improved way of doing something that no one else does.