Grow up

When I hear the words, “grow up ”

And when you were young you probably thought that life was standing still for a long time; wishing to be older to do all those adult things.

The tender times when you were young, naïve and full of hope for your future.

The Older Years
And as you approach your older years you may feel that time is moving faster than you want it to.

The jump from 50 to 60 is so quick; and I can only imagine the later years. At almost 60, I am not really feeling much different than I was at 40 or 50 but I know that life is  more than half over and I am not sure that I have done everything I wanted to do.

And how can you stay on the positive side of life when life has a beginning, middle and end?

I do it with spirit!


Your later years become more spiritual because you are in touch with your internal awe moments where you may say; “Why did I waste so much time on those stressful things in life when I should be looking at the wonder of being alive and well.”

In the later years, taking care of your mind, body and soul becomes a priority.

You do not want stressful happenings to stir up you bliss. You just want day after day of wonder; the wonder of a child seeing trees buds for the first time and asking grandma, ” how can buds turn into such beautiful flowers in such a short time?”


Knowing that we are mortal beings may help you to complete the tasks you strive for, or it may hinder your progress if you get stuck in one thing too long such as believing that you have to stay  one more year in a job you dislike.

Do not stress over uncompleted things because there will always be some left undone.

Find your way toward your inner spirit and learn about yourself through the moments in the present that bring on a tear and a smile, or the time you spend helping others explore meaningful living.