Finding Bright Light in Darkness

The Yin and Yang of Living Life Well

There is a little spot in my heart that has some negative energy that pops out every so often, but I am aware of it so I prepare myself most of the time to combat any negative thoughts, feelings or actions with some positive literature and positive living. Sometime my positive  plans  evolve from my window of life; looking out the window at the beauty of nature, or taking a walk in the neighborhood.

Joining together

Talking with others in my neighborhood who also walk  is a good stress reduction tool for developing positive ways, and  today I walked with a neighbor, talking about pleasant happenings and how different things are now that we are older and wiser. Wiser about how important it is to stay healthy, especially in your later years, and wiser about life in general and how important happiness is to living well.

Planning Your Brightness Alone

Just watching the way water sparkles and reflects upon brings harmony in a glance

Just watching the way water sparkles and reflects upon brings harmony in a glance

When you are alone, you can sometimes get sucked into that tiny hole of darkness thoughts and you may need a plan to not focus on those past, future or just plain negative events that may or may not even happen to you.

Being Mindful; in the moment of the here and now

My plan is mindful, present moment living; saying stop it to my mind when it moves toward those unpleasant thoughts; replacing them with some positive moments in my mind’s eye like how beautiful the world is when the sun shines brightly, warming me up.



And this tiny blackness is needed sometimes because like the yin and yang of life; where there is darkness, there is always a sparkle of light.

So stay as positive as possible to avoid being sucked into the black hole of negative thinking.

It is  easy to move down the path of negativity, especially if it surrounds you and you surrender to it. Others in your circle of life may be what rubs you the wrong way down your positive path. You may need to stay away from those negative people who talk of nothing besides negative happenings.

Remember that you are never alone down the path of wellness in mind, body and spirit; there is the spirit inside of you,  the beauty of the spirit surrounding you as you walk along and loving friends and family who are there for you in times of need.