The Power of a Smile

Did you ever notice that people who smile a lot not only look happier, they look younger too. And they may well be happier than people who frown a lot. Frowning just does not do you any good!

And when people have fun they smile

When people have fun they smile. Riding the Farris Wheel of life can be fun too. You are up, and then you are down again. And that brings you to your inner balance of yin and yang.


If you look closely, the smile lines move up and frown lines move down your face making it look droopy, and no one wants to look unhappy!

There  is a special power and positive energy in a simple smile.

And it has been told that it takes a lot more muscles to keep you in that frown position than it does to keep you smiling! A smile is a frown turned upside down it a great saying.

Searching and practicing

Search for your smile each day, even if you don’t feel like smiling, do it, and watch how much better you feel about your day.

There is much study on pretending to be happy, and smiling is the number one component of that task.


Practicing smiling, making positive statements internally and externally to others, writing down good intentions and desires all help you to stay focused on your smile.

Laugh, smile and giggle throughout the day; you only have one life to live, why spend it in a miserable frown!

We are here on this Earth for some powerful living!

Live, love, smile and be thankful each and every day of your life.

People always gravitate toward smiling people.

Everyone  loves the warmness of someone who can laugh, smile and live happy.

The optimistic view of life has to be the best one. Why would anyone not want happiness in their lives?