Just Like Mom

I want to be like my mom because she was so tolerant of everyone, even those people who she should not have even spoken to, she never let them know how she felt. She was like her name; an angel who could not hurt anything; someone there for everyone.

Trees are just beautiful, even without spring buds. They dance in front of our eyes, as the blue sky peeks through

Trees are just beautiful. They dance in front of our eyes, as the blue sky peeks through

And it was not as if she was holding onto things or holding things inside, it was just the way she was.

Mom and I  did have some things in common, especially related to faulty relationships in life, and sometimes I feel like she is inside of me telling me that it is going to be alright, even if things do not go as planned.

She told me that I never need to plan anything because things just happen the way they should.

She did not mean that you should not set goals or have dreams, she meant that  you should not force things that do not fit into place because life is like a puzzle, and sometimes there are too many pieces, and sometimes there are not enough.


I guess that is why mom loved putting difficult puzzles together; she knew of the difficulty in  the placement of many of the pieces.

And she knew that sometimes you have to start from the outside and get all the corners finished before you move to the center.

Puzzling Centers and Corners

I guess mom was talking about life when she spoke of the puzzle’s center and corners; and everyone knows that plunging into the center of things does not get you anywhere, and sometimes you have to get all your pieces together one by one, and make sure that what is outside of your control is treaded on softly, and what is in your center ( such as your heart center) is where you stay focused when you have a puzzle to solve.

Staying with the heart

So find ways inside of your heart to be okay with what happens in your life, even if it feels painful right now. The pain will subside and then a beautiful red flower pokes out of the ground, just for your eyes to embrace.

Wonderful things happen to  you when you wait and let things unfold as they are supposed to, and there will always be beauty and pain; this is the yin and yang of living.


And when you find your peace in life, then you have that awe moment where you say to yourself, I am so glad that I took mom’s suggestion and waited for things to emerge in time.